Super Twin Modular System

Super Twin Modular System
 Shown above extruding tiles, expansion chamber and roller ramp

The ‘modular system’ allows you to save money by purchasing only what you need now and easily upgrade later as your requirements develop.


The SUPER twin pug mill was designed using a ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach incorporating totally new and innovative concepts. We have listened to what you have suggested  resulting in a pug mill that is high quality, adaptable (one unit for mixing, re-cycling, de-airing, extruding) and incredibly easy to use yet at an affordable price.

two year warranty is offered covering defects in materials and manufacture.

Innovative feed system. Clay is fed to the pug mill via a unique ‘bucket feeder’, eliminating the effort needed to pull a lever as with conventional pug mills. A novel twin auger mixing chamber, containing two counter rotating augers, quickly draws the clay away from the feed area and thoroughly blends it within the large volume, stainless steel, mixing chamber. The feeder completely removes the risk of injury caused by loading clay into the hopper, making the SUPER twin ideal for classroom as well as professional operation. This system allows the pug mill to be left operating while the next piece of clay is being loaded. This removes the need for safety switches and other methods used by competing systems which cut power to the motor when the pug mill is being loaded –this crude approach creates unnecessary wear and strain on the drive train resulting in a reduced service life of the motor and gearbox.


This safe, easy loading feature is unique to the SUPER twin and creates a definite advantage over other pug mills.


All stainless steel. All components, which come into contact with clay, are either stainless steel or plastic therefore eliminating any chances of clay contamination and staining even when using porcelains.

Tool-less barrel removal. Opening the barrel to clean a pug mill is a chore that no-one enjoys. Firstly finding the correct tools and then wrestling with frozen bolts, then finally applying gaskets to ensure a good vacuum is achievable. The designers of the SUPER twin have got around this by creating an innovative bayonet (twist-lock) locking system. This allows both the barrel and nozzle (or expansion chamber/ extrusion die holder) to be removed quickly and simply without the need for any tools – not one! Similarly, even the shredder screen may be removed for cleaning in less than one minute – less time than it takes to even find the correct spanners.

The SUPER twin as been designed as a modular system, so the user need only purchase what he or she needs for the process required. At any stage the SUPER twin may be up-graded (or down-graded) easily and quickly in a modular clip-on approach.  The options may be purchased at the same time as the base unit or at a later stage as required. Since the SUPER twin has been designed as a modular system up grading is a very simple and quick task, requiring no tools or mechanical expertise.

The same unit can be used for mixing/blending, recycling dry scrap, de-airing and extruding. Simply choose the module for the job and clip it on.

Modular Extrusion Kit

An optional, all stainless steel, extruding kit is available that clips onto the end of the barrel replacing the standard nozzle. A set of 4 dies come with the extrusion kit allowing extrusion of a variety of shapes from tiles 80mmx12mm (3″x1/2″), reduced diameter 50mm (2″) round etc. Home made wooden or plexiglass dies may also be made which simply fit into the die holder.

Please note: A pug mill should not be used for extruding small cross-section shapes as it can unduly overload the motor and gearbox. Only dies with relatively large cross sections should be used while small section extrusions should be made with a hand extruder.

5 Piece Modular Extrusion Kit
Using the 80x12mm tile die
Expansion Chamber Kit
The extrusion capacity of the pug mill may be increased by the use of the clip-on expansion chamber. The stainless steel expansion chamber is 150mm (6”) diameter allowing the extrusion of wider cross sections than the above extrusion kit. The expansion chamber is not supplied with dies, but these may be home-made simply using plexiglass or plywood. The dies may be bolted or clamped onto the expansion chamber.  See the image of the Super-twin on the top of the page, showing the expansion chamber being used to make 125mm (5″) wide tiles.
Expansion Chamber
Clay Ramp

A roller bed is available to support the extruded body as it leaves the pugmill. The plastic rollers allow silky smooth transport for the clay, without damaging the extrusion. A cut-off bow is integrated into the ramp. The roller height is easily adjusted to accommodate the variable distance between the pug mill table and the base of different extrusion sections.

This quality, all stainless/plastic, unit is also suitable for use with most pug mills due to the adjustability.

Roller ‘bed’ dimensions 140mm x 350mm (5” x 13”)

Height 70mm – 240mm (2.75” –  9.5”)

Clay Ramp
Specifications (base unit)
  • 80mm (3.1″ nozzle) diameter
  • Blend dry scrap with multiple passes, just cut and pug into 100mm (4″) logs and re-feed. Blend/recycle approx 120kg/hr
  • Barrel diameter 125mm (5″)
  • Motor 370W (1/2hp) 220/240V 50/60hz single phase
  • LxWxH (crated with nozzle removed) 1.18 x 0.45 x 0.65m (47″ x 18″ x 25″) 95kg