Pug Mills

VENCO  have been manufacturing Pug Mills since 1983. Our pug mills are renowned worldwide for their quality. This is reflected by our sales of over 9000 units worldwide.

Venco use the highest quality materials in the construction of the pug mills to ensure a long and reliable service life. Venco manufacture three different series of pugmills. The Mk2 models comprise a thick section, marine grade, aluminium barrel and a single stainless steel auger. The new Super-twin’s barrel and auger is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This unit has an innovative twin auger mixing chamber which leads to a single auger extruder. The very largest Industrial Series pugs manufactured by Venco are also constructed entirely from stainless steel. On all models stainless steel bolts are used whenever there is the possibility of corrosion. These materials are chosen to minimize chances of clay contamination by corrosion of the barrel or auger.

The drive trains comprises a single or three phase (depending on model) AC motor, directly coupled to a high efficiency industrial gearbox. All motors have integral thermal overload protection. This combination not only guarantees smooth quiet operation but also a long service life even under the most demanding loads.

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What is a pug mill?

A pug mill is used to blend clay to restore it to a more uniform workable consistency. This applies to new clay or clay scraps from previous work. Clay is loaded into the feed hopper (closest to motor) and an internal auger pushes the clay along the barrel, through some fine screens before re-compressing the clay and forcing it out the nozzle. The de-airing models incorporate a vacuum pump which removes air trapped within the clay while pugging is performed. This produces the highest quality clay for immediate use on a potters wheel.


Traditionally a similar result was obtained by kneading the clay with hands or feet for several hours. This is still done in many countries but a pug mill can make the task easier and quicker than the traditional manual method. Approximately one hour of pug mill use will produce enough pugged clay for an average professional potters days work.

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