Potters Wheel


Venco has been manufacturing potters wheels since 1979. We are world renowned for high quality, reliable and low priced potters wheels. This is reflected in our sales of over 40,000 wheels worldwide.

Venco have released an innovative  wheel with many unique word leading features. The Direct drive, as the name implies uses no belts or gears – the motor is directly coupled to the wheel head. The motor is an  550W (3/4hp) permanent magnet unit which operates almost silently. The motor is driven by a purpose built intelligent control system which delivers smooth precise power and incredible torque, even at very low speeds.  The body of the Direct drive wheel is made from durable brushed stainless steel and the tray is made from die-cast marine grade aluminium for the longest possible life.

Our product line is made up of four different models:

  1. Cone Drive No3 & No5 standard potters wheel    
    Available Models
    • 370kw (1/2hp) motor, 330mm (13″) Wheel head (No 3)
    • 370kw (1/2hp) motor, 330mm (13″) Wheel head (No 5) with speed lockNOTE: All models available with seat as optional extra
    • One of the hardest wearing wheels available – used by many schools worldwide
    • Low cost
    • Speed range: 30-240rpm, infinitely variable dependent on foot pedal position
    • Free wheeling wheel head
    • Corrosion resistant aluminium tray and wheel head. Steel frame/body zinc plated and powder coated for extreme corrosion resistance
    • Light weight and compact
    • Foot operated speed control. An additional hand operated speed control with or without speed lock is available
    • Comfortable padded seat available as an optional extra
    • Guaranteed for 12 months against defective parts of faulty workmanship
    • Size: 685mm x 508mm x 558mm high
    • Main Bearings: Self lubricating bronze with double o-ring seals
    • Weight: 30kg
    • Linkage Bearings: Self lubricating polyurethane for vibration damping
    • Shaft: 25.4mm (1″) diameter ground steel
    • All internal components zinc plated
    • Resilient mounted motor for smooth quiet operation
    • All control linkages mounted on vibration resistant, lubricated for life polyurethane bearings
    Options & Spares


  2. Compact Cone Drive potters wheel
  3. The Direct Drive potters wheel
    Direct Drive Wheels
    • Motor: Direct drive 550W (3/4 HP) permanent magnet– no belts or pulleys (nothing to tension, no belt thump)– brushless design (maintenance free)

      – ultra quiet and incredible low speed torque

    • 330mm Die-cast aluminium tray-constructed from marine grade aluminium-very strong even in class-rooms
    • Two legs under wheel head – where greatest stability is required.
    • Ergonomic Low Profile Foot Pedal
      – speed hold feature; set the speed and take your foot off
    • Intelligent microprocessor based control system for smooth, precise control- super quiet and smooth
    • can be used as a floor or table model (remove legs)
    • easy clean’ touch pad control on side of wheel- forward and reverse button 
    • all stainless steel body and legs. Structure guaranteed for 10 years
    • Energy efficient – low power consumption.
    • 0 -300 RPM
    • compact for easy storage
    • CE approved
    • 110V- 240V 50/60hz operation
    Optional Extras
    • Clip-on tray shelves – hand oiled plywood with aluminium brackets
    • Standard wheel head bats – drilled with holes to match wheel head. (hand oiled plywood) approx 340mm diameter
    • Riser bats – increased thickness bat for increasing the wheel head height above that of the tray rim for throwing large diameter platters etc. Made from hand oiled plywood.
    • Stand-up kit. – stainless steel extension legs for stand-up throwing. Increases wheel head height to 84cm (33″) from floor level.
    • Leg feet. – extra feet may used to adjust the height of the wheel to personal taste. Up to three feet may be used on each leg. Each foot increases the height of the wheel by 22mm ( 7/8″). A set of three feet (one for each leg) is supplied as standard with each wheel.
    Ian MacRae – studio potter W.Australia

Various options are available for each model.

Details of each of our  wheels are available by clicking on the above tabs.