INDUSTRIAL SERIES – all stainless de-airing Pug Mills

The Venco, ‘Industrial Series’ pug mill is the workhorse of our range.

“The heavy duty design and all stainless steel  construction makes this unit ideal for large-scale clay production / processing of up to 3000kg/hr (6,600lb/hr)”

The Industrial series are manufactured on a semi-custom basis. This allows a degree of user-customization of the final product. Various options include different motor capacities, mechanical variable speed drive, barrel diameters and nozzle orifice dimensions (expansion chambers). Please speak with your supplier about the various options and modifications available.

The Venco ‘Industrial Series’ is available with an optional mechanical or electronic variable speed drive. Simply turning the hand-wheel adjacent to the motor varies the auger speed hence the production capacity. The auger speed is infinitely variable between 7- 28RPM.

The large volume, twin auger mixing chamber efficiently blends the ‘raw’ ingredients, and permits effortless feeding. The twin augers, directly beneath the feed hopper, ensure the clay is swiftly drawn away and effectively mixed. The Venco ‘Industrial Series’ pug mills are fitted with an innovative feed system that allows for safe and effortless feeding of clay into the twin mixing augers. This unique design, completely shields the user from the rotating blades without the need for a restrictive safety grille.

The stainless steel, mesh type, shredder screen may be removed without disassembling the barrel, which is a definite feature on a machine of this physical size.

All stainless components are electro-polished – this further increases the corrosion resistance of the pug mill. This process concentrates chromium at the surface of the stainless steel producing harder and more durable surface finish.

Available Sizes
  • 200mm (8″), 18rpm, 3kw (4hp)
  •  All Stainless steel augers with stainless steel barrel mixing chamber, and fittings.
  • Large volume, twin auger mixing chamber provides effortless, self-feeding.
  • Twin, meshing, augers ensure efficient blending. Single heavy duty extruding auger provides exceptional thrust.
  • Totally safe manual feed system – Venco rotating bucket concept, requires no restrictive safety screens
  •  Optional long chute ‘drop’ feeder for increased feeding rate and ability to feed large blocks.
  • Heavy duty, anti-rotation wear ribs within barrel.
  • Stainless steel, mesh type shredder screen. Screen may be removed without disassembling barrel.
  • High efficiency industrial gearbox and three-phase motor.
  • Base model available 200mm (8”) barrel
  • Bolt-on nozzles / expansion chambers.
 200MM (8″)
Nominal production capacity (manual feed)
  1800kg/hr (4000 lb/hr)
 Nominal production capacity (chute feed)
 3000kg/hr (6600 lb/hr)
 Nominal auger speed
 18 RPM
 Motor Capacity
 3kw (4hp)
 Feed Hopper Opening
 200 x 180mm (8”x7”)
 Standard Nozzle Size
 120mm dia    (4.75” dia)
 Optional expansion chamber
 250mm dia    (10” dia)
 LxWxH (assembled with std nozzle)
  • Variable speed drive, mechanical or electronic
  • Alternative nozzle designs available (i.e square, rectangular, different diameters
  • Alternative motor capacities and voltages available.
  • Expansion chambers
  • Drop chute (into feed hopper)
  • Heavy duty steel stand with castors